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What Is a Skincare Consultant?

A skincare consultant is a professional in the makeup artistry/cosmetology industry who specializes in helping clients achieve healthy and glowing skin. As a professional skincare consultant, you'll meet with clients to identify their particular skincare needs, and create a skincare routine specifically designed for their unique skin type.

You'll become an expert in skincare products and know what ingredients certain clients should avoid. By helping clients achieve healthier skin, you'll be contributing to their physical and emotional wellness!

Basic Requirements for Becoming a Skincare Consultant

  • Attention to Detail — You'll need to become familiar with a multitude of skin types and conditions, and be able to identify them based on a single consultation with your client. This will require precision and care!

  • Flexibility — Most skincare consultants work on appointments, and most clients will expect you to be available outside of regular business hours. Skincare professionals who have availability on some evenings and weekends have a much greater chance of success.

  • Reliability — As a professional, you'll be expected to adhere to a set schedule. Time management skills are essential to succeed in this career.

  • Empathy — Some of your clients will come to you in a desperate state, having tried everything they can think of to get a specific skin condition under control. Some clients might get frustrated if the results you offer aren't transformative enough. You'll need the ability to deal with these clients compassionately and professionally, always!


What You'll Learn

In this highly interactive self-paced training course, you'll learn:

  • How the skincare consultant industry works
  • Skincare basics, skin anatomy and skin types
  • Skincare products, tools, and treatments
  • How to recommend cleansers, moisturizers, tools, and makeup
  • Creating skincare routines
  • Assessing skin types and skin conditions
  • Dealing with acne-prone skin
  • Anti-aging skincare
  • Natural skincare
Read the Full Course Outline

What You'll Learn in the Skincare Consultant Course

How You'll Learn

QC's signature online learning experience is made for highly motivated and ambitious individuals! You'll learn at your own pace, with the help of your student advisor and expert tutor who will be with you every step of the way!

  • Follow the course guide that will tell you when you need to read a course book, watch a video, or complete an assignment.
  • Complete a variety of assignments including knowledge quizzes, open-ended discussions, and comprehensive real-world case studies where you experience what it's like to be a professional skincare consultant.
  • Upload your completed assignments to the online student center.
  • Submit your unit once all assignments are completed and uploaded.
  • Your tutor will grade your work and provide feedback on every assignment.
  • Listen to your tutor's personalized feedback, and apply their suggestions as you progress through the course.
  • Reach out to your student advisor at any time with questions about your training, assignments, or anything else!

Why Choose QC?

Get certified faster with a fully online skincare consultant course!



Since QC's course is fully online, you don't have to pay surcharges for attending lectures or webinars. You complete the full course from home.



No start dates, no deadlines, no mandatory webinars! This course is completely self-directed and self-paced. Get certified quickly, or take your time.



You'll learn many different facets of skincare to ensure you'll be prepared to work with any client that walks through your doors!


Included in Your Course

Newest Course Materials

You'll have online access to all your lessons and assignments, which are regularly updated with the newest and most up-to-date content. You'll also have access to custom business templates to help you work with clients effectively!

Assignments & Personalized Feedback

Complete assignments quickly and efficiently on the Online Student Center. Once you submit all your assignments for a unit, your expert tutor will evaluate and grade your work. Your tutor is an industry expert with a wealth of experience to share with you! She will provide you with detailed audio feedback highlighting what you did well and where you need to improve. Use this feedback to enhance your skills in the next unit.

Student Advisor Support

In addition to your personal tutor, you'll be able to get help from QC's expert team of student advisors. Any time you have questions about your course, student account, certification, or anything else, you can reach out to your QC Student Advisor by phone, email, or live chat. Advisors are available 7 days/week to help you through your course.

Certification & Professional Designation

Once you graduate, you'll be sent your certificate by mail. The certification allows you to put the International Skincare Consultant Professional (ISCP™) designation on your business cards, website, resume, and more. Get a certification that's noticed and respected.

Full Course Outline

Here's a detailed outline of all the topics you'll study in the skincare consultant certification course.

Sleep Consultant Course Unit A

Unit A: Introduction to Skincare

In this first unit, you'll explore the basics of skincare consulting. You'll get a thorough understanding of why skincare is so important, and why makeup artists in particular should all be trained in skincare as well. You'll then dive into what you need to succeed as a skincare consultant, and get a deep dive into skin anatomy, and how to identify the five major skin types.

  • What is skincare and why it's so important
  • Why makeup artists should learn about skincare
  • What skincare consultants do, and where they work
  • What skincare consultants DON'T do
  • The difference between skincare consultants, dermatologists and estheticians
  • Required characteristics to succeed as a skincare consultant
  • The role of skin in the body
  • The structure of the skin: from epidermis to hypodermis
  • How skin grows and gets its color
  • The Fitzpatrick scale and how to use it
  • The six FPS types
  • The five major skin types: from dry to sensitive
  • How to classify skin types
  • Common issues & concerns related to different skin types
Sleep Consultant Course Unit B

Unit B: Skincare Products, Tools & Treatments

Now that you have a good basic understanding of skin, and of your specific role as a skincare consultant, you'll start learning about the products, tools, and treatments you can recommend to your clients based on their needs. You'll learn to read labels and identify key ingredients, and build a personalized skincare routine tailor-made to your client.

  • The most common and essential skincare products: what they do, and how to use them properly:
    • Makeup Remover
    • Cleanser
    • Toner
    • Exfoliant
    • Moisturizer and Serum
    • Sunscreen
    • Eye cream
    • Spot treatments
    • Face masks
  • Day products vs. night products
  • Ingredients in skincare products
  • The truth about fragrance-free products
  • Skincare tools: Safety and effectiveness
  • Common skincare treatments: what to recommend
  • How nutrition affects the skin
  • How the environment (and environmental changes) affect the skin
Sleep Consultant Course Unit C

Unit C: Working with Skin Conditions

In this unit you'll learn about specific skin conditions and skin concerns that you'll encounter as a skincare professional. You'll learn how to assess these conditions, and what products/tools to specifically recommend or stay away from based on the client's unique needs. You'll also learn what serious but rare conditions to look out for, and when you should refer a client to a dermatologist or other healthcare professional.

  • Common skin problems:
    • Dry patches
    • Pimples
    • Blackheads
    • Whiteheads
    • Clogged pores
    • Large pores
    • Hyperpigmentation
    • Dark undereye circles
    • Rosacea
    • Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation
    • Stretch marks
    • Birth marks
    • Scarring
  • Skincare and facial hair (working with clients with beards & mustaches)
  • Common skin conditions & diseases: from hygiene & safety to symptoms & treatment plans
    • Acne
    • Eczema
    • Psoriasis
    • Dermatitis
    • Sunburns
    • Skin cancer
    • Moles
    • Vitiligo
    • Cold sores
    • Hives & rashes
    • Warts
    • Shingles
    • Perioral dermatitis
    • Folliculitis
    • Pseudofolliculitis barbae
    • Keloids
    • Keratosis pilaris
    • Melasma
Sleep Consultant Course Unit D

Unit D: Anti-Aging Skincare

As a skincare consultant, you'll probably see your fair share of clients who are looking for aging cures. This is a high demand industry so you'll be expected to be well versed in anti-aging treatments, tools and products. Be sure to also keep up with the latest trends and gimmicks so that you can advise your clients!

  • What happens to skin as we age
  • Visible symptoms of aging skin: from wrinkles to liver spots
  • Signs of aging
  • Causes of aging and how to combat them
  • Premature aging: causes and prevention
  • Anti-aging products
    • Decoding product marketing and product claims
    • Popular anti-aging products, ingredients and treatments
    • What anti-aging products actually do
  • Creating a skincare routine for aging skin
  • Working with clients who have aging concerns
Sleep Consultant Course Unit E

Unit E: Natural Skincare & The Skincare Consultation Process

Some clients will insist on going “all natural” and you'll quickly learn that this term can mean different things to different people. In the first part of this final unit, you'll learn how to make your own skincare products safely and naturally. In your final section of the unit, you'll put together everything you've learned so far and apply it to the skincare consultation process.

  • Pros and Cons of making your own products
  • How to make your own natural skincare products:
    • Sourcing ingredients
    • Common recipes
    • Storing your products
  • Complying with regional and national health standards
  • The client consultation process from start to finish
  • How to run a skincare consultation:
    • Getting the client
    • Assessing the skin
    • Important questions to ask
    • Building a nonjudgmental rapport
    • Building a skincare regime and recommending products
  • Building positive client relationships
  • How to manage difficult or challenging clients
  • Marketing your skincare services
  • Pricing and selling your skincare services
  • Promoting your skincare services through your makeup artistry business.


Your Skincare Consultant Tutor

Nathan Johnson

Nathan Johnson

With over 18 years of experience as an executive makeup artist and skincare consultant, Nathan is excited to share that knowledge with you and help you advance your skillset. Nathan is featured in QC Makeup Academy's instructional videos, and will be the expert to mentor you through your learning journey!

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21-Day Guarantee

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