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What Is an Infant Sleep Consultant?

A sleep consultant or “sleep coach” is a professional expertly trained to help parents and caregivers create a safe and healthy sleep habit for their infants and toddlers. You'll consult with parents and caregivers on their child's needs and the methods they're comfortable with, and then work with them to establish a bedtime routine that will work for their child. You'll consult on common bedtime/night time problems to help the child sleep comfortably through the night, so that the parents can get adequate rest, too!

Some sleep consultants specialize in one-time consultations or coaching sessions. Others offer full-service consulting, where they will visit their client's home for several days or weeks in order to solve the child's sleep problems. And of course, you can offer a range of services to suit any client that comes your way! This highly specialized practice is perfectly suited to anyone who already works in the child care or healthcare industries, or anyone who has a knack for working with children.

Basic Requirements for Becoming a Sleep Consultant

  • Patience — Babies are babies. They won't always cooperate, and that's why you're there. You need to be able to keep your cool under stressful conditions.

  • Flexibility — Similarly, you need to be able to adapt your approach to the child's needs and to the caregiver's preferences. Sometimes that means putting your own preferences aside!

  • Reliability — As a professional, you'll be expected to adhere to a set schedule. Time management skills are essential to succeed in this career.

  • Care & Compassion — You're going to be working with babies, infants and toddlers every day. You'll need to be empathetic as they adjust to their new routines.


What You'll Learn

In this highly interactive self-paced training course, you'll learn:

  • Licensing, restrictions and legal aspects of becoming a sleep consultant
  • Infant and toddler sleep habits and behaviors
  • Sleep training methods and philosophies
  • Sleep aids and alternatives
  • How to be an effective sleep coach
  • Evaluating & creating individualized sleep plans
  • Implementation of sleep training
  • Special situations to consider
  • Troubleshooting problems
  • How to start your sleep consulting business
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What you'll learn in the sleep consultant course

How You'll Learn

QC's signature online learning experience is made for highly motivated and ambitious individuals! You'll learn at your own pace, with the help of your student advisor and expert tutor who will be with you every step of the way!

  • Follow the course guide that will tell you when you need to read a course book, watch a video, or complete an assignment.
  • Complete a variety of assignments including knowledge quizzes, open-ended discussions, and comprehensive real-world case studies where you experience what it's like to be a professional sleep consultant.
  • Upload your completed assignments to the Online Student Center.
  • Your tutor will grade your work and provide feedback on every assignment.
  • Graduate once you've completed all your course units and your tuition has been paid in full.

Learning & Working During Covid-19

See how you can earn your certification and run your very own sleep consulting business safely during COVID-19.

Learn from the safety of home with QC's online courses.


Why Choose QC?

Get certified faster with a FULLY ONLINE sleep consultant course!



Since QC's course is fully online, you don't have to pay surcharges for attending lectures or webinars. You complete the full course from home.



No start dates, no deadlines, no mandatory webinars! This course is completely self-directed and self-paced. Get certified quickly, or take your time.



You won't just learn one proprietary method of sleep coaching. You'll learn every method of sleep consulting, so that you can offer the best service!


Included in Your Course

Newest Course Materials

You'll have online access to all your course books and guides, which are regularly updated with the newest and most up-to-date content!

Assignments & Templates

Download assignment templates to quickly and efficiently complete all your course work. Then, upload your work to the Online Student Center. Your tutor will evaluate you and provide personalized audio feedback for each unit!

Personalized Tutor Feedback

Once you submit all your assignments for a unit, your tutor will evaluate and grade your work. She will provide you with detailed audio feedback highlighting what you did well and where you need to improve. Use this feedback to enhance your skills in the next unit!

Extended-Hours Access to your Student Advisor

In addition to your personal tutor, you'll be able to get help from QC's expert team of student advisors. Any time you have a question about your course, your student account, your certification or anything else, you can reach out to your QC Student Advisor by phone, email or live chat. Advisors are available 7 days/week to help you through your course!

Certification & Professional Designation

Once you graduate, you'll be sent your certificate by mail. The certification allows you to put the Infant Sleep Consulting Professional (ISCP™) designation on your business cards, website, resume, and more. Get a certification that's noticed and respected!

Full Course Outline

Here's a detailed outline of all topics you'll learn in the sleep consultant certification course.

Sleep Consultant Course Unit A

Unit A: Sleep Consulting Practices

In this first unit, you'll explore the basics of sleep consulting. You'll learn the science of sleep, how children sleep, and how you can help caregivers promote healthy sleep habits. You'll learn every method of sleep consulting, including the advantages and disadvantages of each. You'll learn to use various tools of the trade to help create an optimal sleep space and promote healthy sleep.

  • Industry history
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Required skills
  • Communication skills
  • Planning & organizing
  • Common misconceptions about sleep consulting
  • Becoming a sleep consultant:
    • Licensing requirements
    • Business needs
    • Expansion opportunities
    • Additional certifications to consider
  • Sleep consulting services
  • Associations & organizations
  • Human brain development
  • Habit and behavior formulation
  • Changing behavior through habits
  • Common myths about behaviors and habits
  • Fostering healthy habits
  • Understanding age groups
  • Development of the child in each age group
  • Types of sleep
  • Ideal sleep schedules for infants
  • Understanding the effects of sleep
  • A holistic vision of sleep habits and behaviors
  • How sleep training works
  • Key methods and their development
  • Statistics on different method types
  • The "cry it out" / "Extinction" method
  • The "Check and Console" / "Ferber" method
  • The "Chair" method
  • The "Fading" method
  • The "Pick Up Put Down" method
  • The "No cry" method(s)
  • Co-sleeping: from healthy co-sleeping for newborns to sleep training after co-sleeping
  • Creating a quiet and peaceful environment for sleep
  • White noise generators
  • Using other ambient noises
  • Sleep training alarm clocks
  • Night light pros and cons
  • Daylight simulation
  • Essential oils and diffusers for infants: calming scents, oils to avoid, and safety tips
  • Creating the perfect room for sleep: From nursery décor to choosing the right crib/bed
  • The home environment: beyond the nursery
  • Starting & following a sleep routine
  • Changing & modifying a routine
Sleep Consultant Course Unit B

Unit B: Sleep Consulting Application

Now that you have a good foundation of knowledge as a sleep consultant, you'll start learning how to apply those practices to provide the best service possible to clients. You'll learn how to create, implement and adapt individualized sleep plans unique to each client.

  • Using your intake survey to build a sleep plan
  • Key questions to ask during an interview
  • Identifying client needs
  • Creating a sleep plan
  • Fostering healthy habits
  • Key components of every sleep plan
  • Development of the child in each age group
  • Tracking a sleep plan
  • Components of an effective sleep log
  • Evaluating a sleep plan based on feedback from the caregiver
  • Revising a sleep plan once it's been implemented
  • Program considerations for each age group (from newborns to toddlers)
  • Types of client plans, from "skeleton plans" to "premium plans", upgrades, follow-ups, and how to offer discounts
  • Creating templates for different sleep consulting methods
  • Creating templates to match common parental needs
  • Using accessible terminology to communicate your sleep plan
  • Identifying appropriate methods in every situation
  • Using questionnaires and surveys to determine client needs
  • Identifying client concerns during intake
  • Materials to provide clients at the start of a sleep plan
  • Providing feedback during the first days of the plan
  • Creating and reviewing sleep logs
  • Conducting a follow-up to sleep training
  • How to prepare for different families
  • Sleep training multiple infants of the same age
  • Training one infant that is a twin or triplet
  • Sleep training multiple infants of different ages
  • Training one infant that has a sibling in the house
  • How physical disabilities can affect sleep
  • Working with parents and medical professionals
  • Understanding limitations for infants with disabilities
  • How different mental conditions affect sleep
  • Sleep training methods for infants with special needs
  • Understanding limitations for infants with special needs
  • Understanding different medical issues and how it might affect sleep
  • Working with infants who have diagnosed medical issues
  • Creating effective solutions for a single caregiver using a dual parent model
  • Adapting sleep training plans for one caregiver
  • Adapting sleep training plans for single parent households with multiple children
  • Working with multiple non-parent caregivers
Sleep Consultant Course Unit C

Unit C: Professional Sleep Consulting & Coaching

In this unit, you'll start putting into practice the knowledge you've acquired over the past two units. You'll go over a number of case studies of unique situations you're likely to encounter as a sleep consultant. You'll start learning how to best work with different clients, and how to turn your new skills and knowledge into a rewarding career.

  • Case Study: Parental conflict
  • Case Study: Baby isn't responding
  • Case Study: Rejection of methods by parents
  • Case Study: Lifestyle changes
  • Cast Study: Other medical issues
  • Case Study: Competition
  • Initial outreach: When you contact a client and when a client contacts you
  • Onboarding clients
  • Conducting client consultations
  • Client intake
  • Fostering healthy habits
  • Client follow-up
  • Development of the child in each age group
  • Tracking and analysis: tools, templates, and how to use client data
  • Ideal sleep schedules for infants
  • Client feedback: Getting and using honest feedback from clients
  • How to coach effectively
  • Working with caregivers: Giving caregivers the tools to help their own children
  • Communication skills: Listening
  • Communication skills: Delivering your message
  • Patience and support: Positive feedback, reinforcement, and understanding
  • Understanding age groups
  • Development of the child in each age group
  • Planning, setting goals, and creating strategies
  • Implementing feedback to encourage growth & change behavior
  • Working with limitations (your own and your clients')
Sleep Consultant Course Unit D

Unit D: Business Training

If you plan on launching your own sleep consulting business, don't skip this essential final unit! You'll work on getting your business on its feet, and gain invaluable feedback from your tutor in the process!

  • Creating a business model
    • Identifying the services you will provide
    • Identifying the core values of your business
    • Naming your business
    • Creating a business plan
  • Assessing needs in your community: Needs, competition, and gaps in the market
  • Defining your methods and plans
  • Setting your prices, packages, and now to incentivize returning customers or customer referrals
  • Setting up business infrastructure
    • Creating your website
    • Your social media presence
    • Traditional print resources (books, pamphlets, etc.)
    • Setting up your business space
    • Creating materials
  • Setting limits: Minimum/maximum number of clients, outlining your budget and expected income
  • Creating realistic business goals
  • Ethical considerations & legal obligations of reporting suspected abuse
  • Certification requirements & service restrictions
  • Professional associations & organizations
  • Client contracts & other legal documents
  • Insurance considerations
  • Health care training: CPR, first aid, and other certifications to consider
  • Branding: Creating an effective brand, personalizing your brand, and using your brand to sell your business
  • Finding clients
    • How clients find you (Print/Web/Social Media)
    • How to advertise your services
    • How to find clients (online and in person)
  • Tips for advertising
    • Learning your clientele
    • Where to advertise
    • Effective advertising for small businesses
    • Advertising budgets
  • Your website and social media presence
    • How to build an effective website
    • How to start a business using social media
    • Keys to an effective online presence
  • Community outreach: Community events, groups, and online groups and events
  • Partnering: Identifying key partners, developing relationships with local businesses, and creating joint advertising with other small businesses
Sleep Consultant Course Unit E

Unit E: Final Project

This unit is composed of a final project where you will create a full sleep plan for a real client. You'll practice interacting with new clients, filling out an intake questionnaire, and developing a full sleep plan with feedback from your tutor.


Your Sleep Consulting Tutor

When you enroll, you'll be paired up with one of QC's expert sleep consulting tutors. Your tutor will be responsible for grading your work and providing feedback on your assignments.

Rosalee Lahaie Hera

Rosalee Lahaie Hera

Rosalee is a mother of two, a certified sleep consultant and owner of Baby Sleep Love. With a background in health services, Rosalee turned to sleep consulting after having to hire a sleep consultant for her own daughter. Since then, she's worked with hundreds of families to provide completely customized sleep plans for their children. Rosalee specializes in tailoring her services for each family, and will be an invaluable resource to you when starting your sleep consulting business!

Sleep Consulting Certification

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Once you successfully complete the course, you'll receive your Infant Sleep Consulting Professional (ISCP) certificate. This certification is yours forever and doesn't expire. Use it as proof of competency with clients and/or employers. Your professional designation is a great way to set yourself from the competition. Display it proudly on your business cards, marketing materials, website, and anywhere else you advertise your services!

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21-Day Guarantee

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1-year guarantee

1-Year Guarantee

You'll succeed in your new career, and that's a promise! If you don't earn the equivalent of your tuition within one year after graduating from the sleep consultant course, you'll be eligible for a full refund of your tuition. Simply contact the school, and provide proof that you've made a reasonable effort to gain clients.

Note: the 1-year guarantee is only available to graduates of the course. This means you must have successfully completed each unit and have paid your tuition in full.

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