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Infant Sleep Consultant Certification Course

Sleep consulting is a booming industry in modern society. New parents understand the importance of healthy sleep habits to their infants and toddlers' health and wellbeing. When a child doesn't sleep, the parents don't either! Parents can sometimes become desperate for solutions to their children's sleeping problems. As a certified sleep consultant, you'll be able to help!

QC's online course equips you with everything you need to begin your career as a sleep consultant. To run an effective sleep consulting business you must learn about best practices and techniques. You must also know how to communicate with clients and develop the management expertise needed to run a profitable company.

This course is perfect for anyone who loves children and want to work in the child care industry, either part-time or full-time. This includes:

  • Parents of young children
  • Work-at-home moms and dads
  • Professionals already working in the child care industry
  • Professionals already working in the healthcare and/or wellness industries

Get certified faster with a fully-online sleep consultant course!

  • You won't have to follow specific enrollment or certification deadlines.
  • You won't pay hundreds (or thousands!) of dollars to attend mandatory webinars or seminars in order to get certified.
  • There are no ongoing fees to keep your certification current or to use your course materials & templates after you graduate!
  • You'll learn every method of sleep consulting, not just one method trademarked by the school. This will help you become a true industry expert, and will allow you to better serve your clients!

Don't be fooled by so-called "online" sleep consultant courses that end up just being recorded seminars that you're made to attend weekly. The fact is, you can learn sleep consulting online in a convenient and effective manner. You just need a course that's designed to give you plenty of feedback and hands-on training. Welcome to QC!

How Online Training Works

Enroll Online at Any Time

With no enrollment or study deadlines, you can enroll in the sleep consultant course whenever you're ready, and start working on your course right away. Within a day of enrolling, you'll receive access to your online student center, course materials, and assignment templates.

Study Your Course Materials from Home

You'll follow your detailed course guide that explains when you need to read a textbook and when to complete your assignments. Your books are all available online as PDF downloads, so you can study from home or download them to take with you anywhere!

Have questions while studying?

Just like in the classroom, sometimes you'll have a question about your course or assignment instructions. You can always reach out to your student advisor for help, either by phone, email or via Live Chat. If your advisor cannot answer your question, they will pass your request along to your tutor who will get back to you as quickly as they can!

Complete & Submit Your Assignments

Your assignments are completed at your leisure, and submitted to your tutor for grading via the online student center. As part of your practical sleep consultant training, you'll complete different types of assignments that are designed to test your knowledge and challenge your skills.

  • Quizzes are used to evaluate your core knowledge on a number of topics.
  • Long-answer or “discussion” questions challenge you to think through various scenarios and provide detailed answers where you can take the time to explain your reasoning.
  • Case studies and other practical assignments allow you to experience real-world sleep consulting scenarios. As part of this course, you'll be presented with a number of case studies and will be asked to create full sleep plans to address unique circumstances.

Pro tip: Students who treat their case studies and practical assignments like they're dealing with an actual paying client are those who are the most successful upon graduation. Don't skimp on your practical assignments!

Listen to Feedback from Your Tutor

When you enroll in the sleep consultant course, you're assigned a personal tutor who is responsible for evaluating/grading your work, and providing detailed feedback on your assignments. After you submit a unit for grading, you'll receive detailed audio feedback from your tutor who will explain exactly where you excelled and where you need some improvement.

Your tutor is your best resource throughout the course! Each tutor is not only a successful professional sleep consultant, but also a business owner. They've taken the journey you're taking now, and have done it successfully. Take their feedback to heart. They want to see you succeed!

Graduate & Start Working

Once you've completed all your course units and your tuition has been paid in full, you'll graduate from QC Wellness Studies and receive your Infant Sleep Consultant Professional (ISCP™) Certification. With this certification, and the business training you've received as part of your course, you'll have all the knowledge and skills you need to launch your successful sleep consultant business!

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Course Curriculum

The sleep consultant course is divided into four units. You'll start by learning the basics of sleep consulting, and then build on that knowledge as you work your way through the course. Once you've completed the course, you'll be fully qualified to work as a professional sleep consultant!

Sleep Consultant Course Unit A

Unit A: Sleep Consulting

In this first unit, you'll explore the basics of sleep consulting. You'll learn the science of sleep, how children sleep, and how you can help caregivers promote healthy sleep habits. You'll learn every method of sleep consulting—from “cry it out” to “no cry” methods and everything in between—including the advantages and disadvantages of each. You'll learn to use various tools of the trade to help create an optimal sleep space and promote healthy sleep.

Sleep Consultant Course Unit B

Unit B: Sleep Consulting Application

Now that you have a good foundation of knowledge as a sleep consultant, you'll start learning how to apply those practices to provide the best service possible to clients. You'll learn how to create, implement and adapt individualized sleep plans unique to each client, including how to deal with a variety of special situations that might impact your plan—from working in a home with multiple children, to working with children who have disabilities or other diagnosed medical issues.

Sleep Consultant Course Unit C

Unit C: Professional Sleep Consulting & Coaching

Once you understand the fundamentals of sleep consulting and how to build a sleep plan unique to your clients' needs, you'll start to put these skills to use while learning to be an effective consultant and coach. You'll learn how to best work with different types of clients, and how to translate your knowledge as a sleep expert to caregivers who will be implementing your sleep plan on an ongoing basis. You'll go over a number of case studies of unique situations you're likely to encounter as a sleep consultant, to get a first-hand look at how you'll work professionally once you graduate.

Sleep Consultant Course Unit D

Unit D: (Optional) Business Training Unit

If you plan on launching your own sleep consultant business, don't skip this essential final unit! You'll work through the specific elements of getting your business on its feet, including everything from choosing a business name to building your website to setting your prices and marketing your services. This unit can really catapult your career!

Note: Above is an overview of the sleep consulting course curriculum. For a full and detailed course outline, click below.

Full Course Outline

Sample Assignments

Your course assignments are designed to test your ability to apply foundational sleep consulting concepts and practices. You'll be tested on everything from your knowledge of sleep training methodologies to your ability to make personalized recommendations for client scenarios. You'll also have the opportunity to complete your first practical sleep consulting session. Click below to preview or download two assignments that are a part of the course.

Assignment A4

In addition to providing guidance on sleep training, sleep consultants offer advice onother crucial factors that tie into good sleep, including the sleep environment. In this practical assignment, you'll photograph and evaluate the sleep space of a friend or relative's infant.

Assignment B3

Every client's situation will be a little different. In this assignment, you'll read a client scenario and begin developing a customized sleep plan to address the client'sneeds. This is the kind of work you'll do every day when you start taking on your own clients.

Tuition & Payment Plans

The sleep consultant course has a tuition of  , or   with the pay in full discount. This cost includes everything that has to do with your training, tutorial, and certification!

Choose Your Payment Date

As an added level of convenience, if you choose to pay your tuition on an installment plan, you'll be able to select the date your payments start and on which of the month your tuition payments will be processed. If you're on a fixed budget or would like to sync your tuition payments with other monthly expenses, there's no easier way to do it!

Your Tuition Is Tax Deductible!

Claim part or all of your tuition payments on your income taxes. If you need a receipt or help with a specific tax form, simply contact your student advisor for assistance.

Live Chat

Your Support System

Just because you're learning online doesn't mean you'll be learning alone. As part of the QC community, you'll have access to a network that will support and encourage you through your entire journey.

Sleep Consultant Course Unit C

Your Tutor

Your personal tutor will be responsible for grading your work and providing detailed audio feedback on all your assignments. Use this feedback to gain encouragement and inspiration in the areas where you excel, and also to help improve skills you haven't quite mastered yet.

All of QC's sleep consulting tutors are working, certified professional sleep consultants. They're uniquely equipped to challenge you in your studies and launch your own business because they've done this successfully themselves!

Sleep Consultant Course Unit C

Your Student Advisor

QC's Student Support team is available 7 days a week to assist you with your studies in any way they can! Your student advisor will be your first point of contact with the school, and will be able to assist you with just about anything with regards to your online training. Contact your student advisor at any time for help with:

  • Questions about your online course
  • Questions about your assignments
  • Questions about launching your sleep consulting business
  • Managing your tuition payments
  • Enrolling in additional courses

Your Guarantee

Starting a new career can be scary. But don't worry!
Once you enroll in QC's Sleep Consultant Course, you'll be protected by a
double money-back guarantee!

21 day guarantee

21-Day Guarantee

Once your enrollment has been processed and you gain access to the online student center, you have 21 days to review the course materials and decide whether you want to take the course.

This is your chance to inspect the entire course, risk-free! If you decide this course isn't the right fit for you, simply contact your student advisor to withdraw from the course. As long as you haven't submitted any work to your tutor yet, your tuition will be refunded in full!

1 year guarantee

1-Year Guarantee

You'll succeed in your new career, and that's a promise! If you don't earn the equivalent of your tuition within one year after graduating from the sleep consultant course, you'll be eligible for a full refund of your tuition. Simply contact the school, and provide proof that you've made a reasonable effort to gain clients.

Note: the 1-year guarantee is only available to graduates who completed all four units of the course, including the optional business unit.

Additional information on QC's money back guarantees is available in your enrollment agreement.

About QC Wellness Studies

About QC Wellness Studies

QC Wellness Studies is a faculty of QC Career School, a distance learning institution that has been providing quality career training since 1984! With 35 years of successful graduates launching profitable businesses in their desired fields, QC's course developers are confident you'll achieve success as a professional sleep consultant.

QC provides even better training than what you'd receive at a brick and mortar school. You'll benefit from regular one-on-one instruction and access to help whenever you need it. QC will help you to build a successful career from the ground up!

A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau

QC Career School is fully accredited with the Better Business Bureau, proudly holding an A+ rating, which is the highest rating available. When you enroll with QC, you can rest assured you're joining a community that's trusted and secure. That's our guarantee!

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